The movable, anchor-free solutions for bridge infrastructure. Perfect for bridges over 150m long.

VARIOKIT VGW Cantilevered Parapet Carriage

The movable, anchor-free solution for bridges over 150 m long

For meeting the requirements of modern bridge construction, the PERI Cantilevered Parapet Carriage provides a flexible, efficient and simple solution.

Thanks to the components from the VARIOKIT system, the cantilever of the VGW can be flexibly adapted to suit a wide range of geometries. Frame spacings and formwork lengths per carriage unit can also be designed to be load-dependent. This allows the system to be optimally utilised.

Moving the formwork carriage is carried out cost-effectively and according to project requirements by means of heavy-duty rollers on U-steel profiles. As a rule, no anchoring is required in the structure and horizontal forces from the concreting operations or wind are transferred by means of friction. Final assembly is quick and easy through the use of fitting pin connections. As an option, the units can also be delivered pre-assembled. The VARIOKIT core and system components are all rentable which means they are quickly available and without any prior investment on the construction site.

VARIOKIT VGW Cantilevered Parapet Carriage in action

  • The cantilevered parapet carriage being moved a heavy-duty roller.
    Simple and fast assembly

    through fitting pin connections and optional pre-assembled units.

  • The VGW also provides a cost-effective solution for refurbishment projects.
    Optimised for your project

    Flexibly adaptable thanks to VARIOKIT.

  • Bridge over the Danube near Beška, Serbia | Parapet construction of 130 m per week across the Danube

    Fast availability in the rental park and low investment costs.

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