PERI plywood store in Brentwood.

PERI Plywood & Timber

We hold an extensive stock of plywood, wood-based panel products and timber. From specialist coated plywood products to Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Chipboard to Hardboard.

You can view our range of products and their applications below.

Our products

Beto-S from PERI is a soaking formwork panel
The plywood Birch from PERI is used in all areas for walls and slabs.

Bright Round & Galvanised Wire Nails

Delivered directly to your site within 24-48 hours from the time of order

In addition to our extensive range of wood-based panel products, we also carry a comprehensive range of softwood timber products to meet your needs.

Our stock range includes Sawn Softwood Shuttering Timber, C16 Untreated & C24 Treated Timber, Battens and Angle fillet.

We can also provide a variety of other machined timber products upon request, including softwood and oak sleepers, fence posts, firring’s and hardwood etc. 

All products (unless otherwise advised) are covered by either FSC® (TT-COC-002275) or PEFC® (BMT-PEFC-0302) Chain of Custody Certification.

  • The product chain (Chain of Custody) of PERI SE is certified according to the standards of the PEFC® and FSC®.
    Sustainability and compliance

    The product chain (Chain of Custody) of PERI SE is certified according to the standards of the PEFC® and FSC®.

    PEFC® (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes®) and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) are non-governmental, non-profit organizations.

    They are committed to sustainable forest management and certified forests, which are managed according to these criteria. Thus, our customers can be sure that the wood used for PERI products comes from sustainably managed forests.