Construction of superstructures using the balanced cantilever method – fast and dimensionally-accurate

VARIOKIT VBC Balanced Cantilever Carriage

The rentable balanced cantilever equipment for bridge construction in record time

The PERI VARIOKIT solution for balanced cantilever construction is a combination consisting of load-bearing, specially developed system components for this building method and VARIOKIT core components to complete the supporting structure. Based on the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit, the rentable system components are quickly available. The balanced cantilever equipment can be adapted flexibly to accommodate a wide range of bridge cross-sections and geometries.

VARIOKIT VBC Balanced Cantilever Carriage in action

  • The PERI solution for the cantilever method is a combination of specifically developed system components and VARIOKIT standard parts.
    Reducing construction time

    thanks to concreting sections up to 5.75 m long, as well as high load-bearing capacity and integrated hydraulics.

  • For the realization of the motorway bridge near Tarnow, the construction team achieved a 4 to 5 -day cycle thanks to the easy-to-use mechanical solution. At the same time, the requirements regarding the very low tolerances for the variable bridge cross-section could be fulfilled.
    Cost-effective project solutions

    by combining practice-oriented and rentable system components based on the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit and project-specific engineering.

  • The combinability of the balanced cantilever equipment with the PERI UP modular scaffold allows – as part of the comprehensive PERI project solution – modular working platforms and access to all working areas. With a minimum of effort for the construction team, the modular scaffolding can easily be connected to VARIOKIT standard components using simple connection means.
    Safe access solutions

    in all conditions due to compatibility with the PERI UP modular scaffolding kit.

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