The drive rails are available in two variants, depending on the type of project at hand: RCS MAX C and CL. Both allow the platforms to be moved safely in 750 mm increments.

RCS MAX Rail Climbing System

The new RCS MAX Rail Climbing System is a further development of our tried-and-tested RCS Climbing System. It revolutionises the climbing process, thus maximising speed, economic efficiency and safety on your construction site.

You can simply add the new RCS MAX modules – the RCS MAX Hydraulic Unit and the RCS MAX Drive Rails – to your existing RCS system components.

With its completely new approach to climbing, the RCS MAX Rail Climbing System revolutionises climbing techniques and improves productivity and safety on your construction site.

The new RCS MAX Hydraulic Unit increases the level of safety on your construction site. Due to the fact that several platforms climb at the same time, there are no open building edges. Tripping hazards and falling parts are therefore a thing of the past.

The RCS MAX Drive Rails C and CL enable you to move your platforms safely from one level up to the next position. The rails are firmly anchored to the wall at all times during this process. The vertical load created during the concreting process is transferred via a climbing shoe and into the concreting section that has already hardened. This allows you to achieve faster concreting cycles – and save valuable time and money.

RCS MAX Rail Climbing System in action

  • The RCS Rail Climbing System is now even quicker, safer and more efficient thanks to its two new modules – the RCS MAX Hydraulic Unit and the RCS MAX Drive Rails.
    The benefits of the RCS MAX Drive Rails:

    Quicker concreting cycles
    due to transfer of the vertical load into the hardened concreting section

    Optimised climbing process
    due to the automated ascent without the need for additional adjustments

    Reduction in cylinder cycles
    meaning that fewer steps are required to move to the next position

  • Faults are indicated by light signals on the RCS MAX Hydraulic Unit as well as on the display and can therefore be identified quickly and remedied easily on site. This saves you valuable time and money.
    The benefits of the RCS MAX Hydraulic Unit:

    No open building edges
    and greater safety as a result, due to the fact that several platforms climb simultaneously

    Full control
    over the climbing process via the connected display

    Swift identification and rectification of issues
    thanks to light signals on the unit and messages on the display when faults occur

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