Used throughout South Africa, QUICKSTAGE has been tried and tested and is the preferred cost-effective solution for façade scaffolding for contractors. The system incorporates various components that allow for any configuration required.

QUICKSTAGE Façade Scaffold

Cost-effective shoring

QUICKSTAGE for façade scaffolding is simple, robust, and flexible. The modular system allows for cost-effective scaffolding of buildings and structures of various sizes and complicated geometries.

With the small number of components, the system is not limited and allows for any size of frame scaffolding required.

QUICKSTAGE conforms to the requirements of the SANS 10085 code

QUICKSTAGE Façade Scaffold Features

  • The steel decks are designed not to tilt, along with punching in the decks, preventing slipping and thus creates a safe platform to operate from.

    All height, width, and lengths are obtainable within the system

  • Access is easily covered with the interlocking design of the hook-on-ladders eliminating additional fittings which may obstruct the user in an un-safe manner.
    Ease of Use

    Due to the simple design, assembly of the system is easily done with minimal training

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