The suspended scaffold can be manoeuvred with little effort due to smooth plastic rollers.

PERI UP Flex Suspended Scaffolding

Easy to move suspended scaffold

PERI UP Flex Suspended Scaffold is used for temporary and safer working platforms. The platforms are constructed using the modular PERI UP Flex scaffold. The UFS 20 Trolley is used for movable solutions. The Trolley is designed for a suspended scaffold, which is fitted to the underside of oil platforms or on bridges to I-shaped steel profiles, for example. This enables large working areas to be accessed quickly and cheaply. The Trolley bears loads up to 19.7 kN and facilitates safe manoeuvring of whole platforms.

PERI UP Flex Suspended Scaffolding in action

  • The Trolley UFS 20 can also be used on PERI RCS Rails – as shown here for transporting materials in a refurbishment project.
    Fast & Adaptable

    Short erection times and safe scaffolding without pipework and couplings. The working area can be constructed with a spacing of 25 cm.

  • The movable arm of the Trolley can be pushed aside for installation. The spacing of the rollers can be adapted to the steel girder and they are secured with bolts.
    Smooth & Variable

    Whole platforms can be manoeuvred easily and smoothly. The scaffolding can easily be adapted to variable steel girder spacing.

Product Data Sheet

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