Concrete Sensor Technology from PERI UK

PERI InSite Temperature Sensor

Measure the temperature at different points in your concrete so you can strike when it’s right

The PERI InSite Temperature Sensor measures the temperature at different points in the concrete and uploads the data directly to the ISC (InSite Construction) Web Application, eliminating any time-consuming manual read-outs of measuring points.

A thermocouple is used to measure the temperature in the concrete, giving you the flexibility to measure anywhere inside the structure.

Measuring the temperature continuously allows you to react faster, which means you can avoid damages in the concrete structure and, in many cases, carry out striking operations earlier. You can then also reduce the amount of formwork material, resulting in time and cost savings on the construction site.


Insite Temperature Sensor in action

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  • Concrete Sensor Technology from PERI UK
    Economical and time saving
    • Optimisation of the concreting process 
    • Determine concrete maturity
    • Temperature determination of mass and winter concrete
    • Optimise the utilisation and operating times of the formwork
  • Concrete Sensor Technology from PERI UK
    Easy handling
    • Compatible with all formwork systems 
    • One standard system for the entire concreting process 
    • Mesh networking enabling usage of the system in difficult network coverage areas


We offer the Temperature Sensor as a standard set that consists of:

  • 1 Technical Cabinet
  • 1 Main Unit integrated in the Technical Cabinet
  • 5 Temperature Nodes
  • 100m Temperature Sensor Cable
  • 1 Ambient Node
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