You can analyse the data collected from the sensors and submitted to the cloud in real-time from anywhere.

InSite Construction Web Application

The InSite Construction Web Application stores data and enables real-time analysis when used in conjunction with PERI sensors

The ISC (InSite Construction) Web Application provides users with information about their concrete anywhere at any time. A modern and responsive design makes the application compatible with any PERI InSite device. Customers can use the ISC Web Application with their existing PERI account.


  • The intuitive interface displays real-time information of the concreting process and concrete strength
  • Manage services: concrete strength estimation, temperature measurement and pressure measurement
  • Multiple dashboards per project can be individually configured
  • Notification and blog functions facilitate the communication between the project team
  • Receive instant notifications if a set target value is reached
  • Generate reports about finished pours easing documentation efforts

The App

Easy handling:

  • Compatible with all formwork systems
  • One standard system for the entire concreting process
  • Mesh networking for increased network coverage

Economical and time saving:

  • Optimisation of the concreting process
  • Real-time insights about the concrete strength development
  • Temperature determination of mass and winter concrete
  • Temperature measurement for efficient temperature monitoring
  • Determine concreting speed and strength with real-time data
  • Optimise utilisation and operating times of the formwork

Safety and documentation:

  • With data-driven decisions, the risk of crack formation can be minimised so that you can improve the concrete quality
  • Efficient documentation through digital data documentation and storage
  • Visualisation of real-time data to create more transparency
Interested in using the InSite Web Application for your project?

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