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DUO System Formwork

The universal lightweight formwork for walls, foundations, columns and slabs
For several years, PERI has been carrying out research and development in polymer products. In so doing, the focus has been on the practical application of these materials in construction engineering. The result is polytech – a composite material on the basis of a polymer matrix.
DUO has been optimized for a floor height of 2.70 m – extended with 2 standard panels in each case. In connection with the possibility of horizontal extensions as well as the available 60 cm high panels, this results in numerous possibilities.
With small panel sizes and easy handling, DUO is predestined for the forming of foundations.
With DUO Multi Panels, square and rectangular columns from 15 cm x 15 cm up to 55 cm x 55 cm can be realized in 5 cm increments.
DUO has been optimized for slabs up to 30 cm thick. The universal Fix Head DFH fits on all standard tubular steel props.
In gardening and landscaping operations, DUO is ideally suited for the construction of retaining walls and similar structural components.
The DUO system formwork is characterized by its low weight and extremely simple handling.
Forming with DUO is simple as there are only few formwork rules to follow. The training effort and requirements for the users are therefore kept very low.
A particularly good example for easy-to-use system components is the DUO Coupler. Its design and the matching shape of the openings in the panels allow only one way of installation.
With DUO, the formlining can be changed without requiring any special tools and specialist knowledge. The lightweight formlining with the
respective panel size can be easily assembled by hand using a few screws – even on the construction site.
For cleaning after striking, the DUO Cleaning Device is used. Concrete residue can easily be removed using the tool.
The cleaning device can also be used to tighten the wingnut counterplates.


The DUO system formwork is characterized by its low weight and extremely simple handling. Not only the material used is very innovative, but also the entire concept: with a minimal number of different system components, walls, columns and slabs can be easily and efficiently formed with only a minimal number of different system components. DUO is the optimal solution for small-sized components with lower surface requirements as well as for restoration work where no crane can be used.

Besides the panels including the formlining, most DUO accessories are made of the new innovative composite material with a polymer basis. This material is extremely light and, at the same time, has a high load-bearing capacity.

Apart from the material, the developers focused on ensuring that the formwork system was easy to handle. Almost all operations with DUO can be carried out without tools, and the working steps are easy to understand. Even less experienced users of system formwork can work quickly and efficiently with DUO. The fact that the majority of system components can be used for walls, columns and slabs additionally increases the performance. Last but not least, DUO reduces noise pollution on the construction site – an important aspect, for example, on inner-city construction sites.

Universally applicable

High utilization rate of the components through flexible forming of walls, columns and slabs using only one system

Fast and easy to assemble

Fast working procedures thanks to simple formwork rules and uncomplicated application without the use of a hammer

Installation without the use of a crane

High productivity and crane-independence due to the low weight

Technical Details

DUO can be used for

Vertical walls

  • up to 5.40 m high
  • with wall thicknesses from 15 cm to 40 cm
  • for a maximum fresh concrete pressure of 50 kN/m²


  • up to 30 cm slab thicknesses


  • with cross-sections from 15 cm to 55 cm in 5 cm increments
  • for a maximum fresh concrete pressure of 80 kN/m²