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First RCS project in South Africa

Feb 24, 2016

Alice Lane Phase Three, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Having already successfully completed the first two phases of the Alice Lane Precinct, WBHO was appointed as the main contractor for the next phase of this prestigious project. Intelligent and strategic planning allowed WBHO to select a system that would alleviate the crane time required for construction of critical-path elements on the project.

PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering (Pty) Ltd South Africa was awarded the contract for the supply of formwork, and used the RCS hydraulic self-climbing platforms on the lift core structures. The lift core structures posed some special challenges, which included: changing door opening levels and locations, varying pour heights and changes in shaft geometry, which varied from closed boxed sections, to open U-section scenic lift arrangements.

To accommodate these challenges, PERI’s design and projects teams engineered the following processes:

  • Customisation and strategic positioning of the RCS system, to successfully accommodate the scenic lifts.
  • Positioning of the RCS rails and climbing shoes in the walls with the door openings. Because of the varying heights of the slab levels, anchor hole locations were pre-drilled to ensure perfect positioning in the header beams.
  • Structural changes also influenced the VARIO wall formwork design, as internal shutters had to be designed to accommodate the ground floor shaft openings, due development into scenic lift geometry.
  • The flexibility of the RCS platforms ensured that planned in-situ modifications were easily completed once they emerged from the closed shaft formation at ground level.

To ensure minimal disruption to the project’s daytime activities, the system was completely installed and commissioned during night shifts. Efficient planning also ensured that the limited space available for laydown and assembly of the RCS system was optimised most effectively. PERI’s team of construction specialists in their respective fields provided day and night support to all aspects of the project: design, planning, programming, installation, supervision and so on. This ensured the successful installation and commissioning of the RCS system.

PERI systems purchased include:

  • VARIO - 790 m², 3.75 m high (manufactured in Midrand)
  • 39 x RCS climbing rails, forming 18x Climbing units, consisting of 3x platforms in height per unit (working, intermediate and finishing)
  • 8 x CB 240 platforms
  • 5 x BR internal platforms
  • Total platform surface area ±2 000 m²
  • 2 x Hydraulic packs and 8 x cylinders
  • Total of 160 m hydraulic hoses
  • The system has the capacity to lift 4 x platforms simultaneously resulting in ±90 m² of formwork moved in less than 15 min.

The system placed on site has been a huge success allowing WBHO to achieve cycle times of as little as 6 days with a team of only 12 people on both shaft core structures. All challenges have all been met with success, and it stands to reason that with PERI’s expertise and quality of material, WBHO has been suitably impressed with the RCS system.